Cajun Classic
  Rnd #3 Cajun Classic National Enduro, Forest Hill, LA
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  After test 3 the riders have a 2 mile transfer up the road to test 4. There is a 20 min pause after test 3

  Again there with be a short transfer to test 3 of .4 mile. Test 3 is 8.4 miles of new trail that features some tighter woods trail that will open up to some faster flowing trail thru some ferns. The Cherokee Enduro Club should be commended for the hard wo

  Cherokee test 2 starts just .1mile from the end of 1. The riders have a 18 min pause to rest and be ready for 4.8 miles of new trail thru the Georgia pines.

  Cherokee test 1 is 5 miles of fast trail using the club's hare scramble track circling around the pits, making for good spectating.

  Good morning from the Cherokee Enduro. We have perfect weather conditions today sunny and mid 70s. Fortunately the rain missed us and the trails are "choice" for riding today, per Alan Randt. Stu Baylor will be the 1st pro to start on row 31. He will leav

  Test 1 scores are pretty close the top 4 all within a second or less.

  Test 6 is 5.5 miles long and features tight and twisty woods. 1st pro is due to finish around 2:00.

  Test 5 is a more technical woods trail but is open and. flowing. its 6.5 miles same length as test 4. 1st pro is due to finish test 5 around 1:35

  After the gas the riders have a 7 mile trail transfer to get to Test 4. The 1st pro will start test 4 at 12:31 and should finish around 1:00. Test 4 features some new trail and will be a little tighter.

  Test 3 is the longest test of the day at 10 miles. it features a deep sand wash to challenge all the riders. Our video crew will be there to capture the action. The 1st pro should finish test3 around 11:40. The gas stop is after this test.

  Test 2 is 7 miles and mainly woods and some open clear cut for trail. 1st pro should complete test 2 around 10:45.

  The Cajun Classic is underway here in Louisiana. Test 1 is 6.5 miles and features the "big cut" section with a fast flowing grass track and some open woods. Grant Baylor is the 1st pro on #31. The 1st pro should finish the test around 10 CDT.