Cherokee National
  Rnd #4 Cherokee National Enduro, Greensboro, GA
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  Test 6 is the Pro/A only section. the riders will transfer 6 miles to that test which is fondly called the "briar patch" It's 6 miles of nice flowing red clay trail to end the day. The pros will start the last test at 2:12.

  After the 9 miles of transfer test 5 is 10.8 miles of fast open pines.

  We were able to talk to some of the riders during the pause after test 3. Bobbitt said he feels real comfortable on his KTM today, just like riding home. Cory Buttrick is having a strong ride today but broke his brake pedal 3 turns in to test 2 an

  Stu Baylor said he grabbed the wrong goggles for test 3 and they fogged up and limited his vision.

  Russell Bobbitt has opened up a minute lead on Stu after 3 tests. Stu Baylor, the 1st pro is due to start the test at 11:35.

  The pros are due to start test 3 in 5 minutes.

  Looks like Russell Bobbitt found test 2 to be to his liking winning by 20 seconds.

  The gas stop is after Test 4. There is a 35 min pause after the gas and then a 9 mile transfer to Test 5.the 1st pro will start test 5 at 1:05.

  There will be a 2 mile transfer after test 3 and a 20 min pause for the riders to catch their breath before the start the 12.4 mile test 4. This test will challenge the riders' sklls thru some open clear cut trail and off-camber hills.

  The Cherokee Enduro club should be commended for all their hard work putting some fabulous new trail for this year's event. Alan Randt said the course is "choice" for riding today. Fortunately the rain missed us and we have sunny skies and temps in the 70

  The riders are coming to the end of test 1 within sec of each other with Groemm having a slight edge.

  There is a short transfer again to start of test 3 which again features 8.4 miles of virgin trail with a mix of tight wood and some opening flowing trail thru the ferns.

  There will be a 18 min pause after the test and a short .1 mile transfer to test 2. Test 2 4.8 miles of new trail thru the Georgia pines.

  Good morning from the Cherokee Enduro.Stu Baylor is the 1st pro out today on row 31. He just started the 1st test, whiich is 5 miles of fast trail using the club's hare scramble track, that circles around the pit area making for good spectating.