Huntersville National Enduro
  Rnd #5 Huntersville National Enduro, Huntersville, MN
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  Test 6 scores should be coming in about 10 min.

  Ron Cuomo and Tegan Temple cane thru 20 secs off Strang.

  Ryder Lafferty cam by on 37 with 4 secs up on Drew Higgins on 38. followed by Josh Strang up a few seonds on both Lafferty and Higgins with 9 miles to go in the test.

  Grant Baylor on 35 just cane by with 10 secs on Nick Fahringer.on 36.

  Buttrick just came by foloowed by Groemm 16 secs faster than Buttrick at 3 miles into Test 4.

  Bobbitt just came by in test 4 & Stu Baylor came thru dead even with Bobbitt.

  We found a nice piece of trail 3 miles into Test 4. Will try to get some pro split times.

  The sand is causing some riders to make some fork setujp changes here today.

  Cory Buttrick did a fork & wheel change after Test 2. He's a hard working privateer!

  Test 6 is the Pro/A test at 11.6 miles. The 1st pro will start the last test at 1:40.

  Test 5 is a fast flowing 8.8 miles. 1st pro is due to start at 12:57.

  Test 4 is the longest test of the day at 12 miles. The 1st pro will start at 11:44. Then the riders have a little break at the pits for gas.

  Test 3 is a short 4.8 miles thru some open clear cut. 1st pro will start at 11:10.

  Test 2 is another 9.2 miles. the 1st pro will start at 10:21.

  Good morning from Huntersville MN. 1st pro is due out of test 1 at 10. Test 1 is 9.2 miles thru sandy pines.