Rattlesnake National Enduro
  Rnd #6 Rattlesnake National Enduro, Cross Fork, PA
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  Test 6 is the Pro/A only test. it features 8.8 miles of technical rocky fern trail thru some hardwoods. it will be a challenge for the riders at the end of the day. The 1st pro is due at 2:35. Have a nice day everyone.

  Test 5 is a short 4.8 miler thru some shaley rock and trail thru some reclaim mine areas. 1st pro is due at 1:30.

  Test 4 feature new trail again but will be more open & flowing thru the woods. The 1st pro is due at 12:48.

  Test 3 features new trail for this race and is 6 miles of rocky trail. The 1st pro is due at 12:10.

  Test 2 is 6 miles of hard packed trail thru a pine forest. the 1st pro is due out of test 2 at 11.

  There will be a 16 mile transfer after test 1 over to the forest trails for test 2, 3, 4 & 5. Test 6 will be the Pro/A riders only which will be more rocky & technical.

  Good morning from Cross Fork PA. The race in underway with the 1st riders on the 6 mile grass track in test 1. the 1st pro will be Russell Bobbitt on row 31. the 1st pro scores should be coming thru around 9:45.