Sumter National Enduro
  Rnd #1 Sumter National Enduro, Sumter, SC
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  2 more tests to go. Test 5 is 7 miles and Test 6 is 7.5. weather is cool and cloudy but no rain or snow.

  Pro riders r going into test 3. Test 3 is 10 miles then they go to the Gas Stop.

  Pro Line-up: 31A Grant Baylor 32A Russell Bobbitt 33A Stu Baylor 34A Andrew Delong 35A Cory Buttrick 36A Brad Bakken 37A Josh Strang 38A Ryder Lafferty 39A Craig Delong 40A Drew Higgins 41A Jesse Groemm 43A Evan Smith 45A Charlie Mullins 46A Tegan Temple

  Good morning from Rd1 NEPG National Enduro in Sumter SC. the 1st riders start at 9:01. The 1st Pro starts at 9:31. It's a cold & cloudy morning here in Sumter.